Ultramixer – HOWTO

In this post we are going to try to explain step by step everything you have to do to be able to use this spectacular and easy to use bitcoin mixer. One of the things that makes this bitcoin tumbler special is that if you use a fee higher than 2.5% you will get bitcoins from mining, instead of from coinjoin.

Step 1. Visit https://ultramixer.site Click on “START MIXING”


Step 2. Enter the address where you want your bitcoins to end after the mixing process, enter the hours you want the delivery to be delayed (we strongly recommend that you do not leave this field at 0 hours) and finally click on “CONTINUE MIXING”.


Step 3. Check and accept terms.

Step 4. Send the amount of bitcoin you want to the address shown on the screen.


Finished! It has been very easy, right?

Do not forget to review our table with the best rated tumblers:

NameURLFeeUser InterfaceSupportRate
Coinmixerhttps://coinmixer.bestVery LowVery EasyGreat5⭐
Bitcoinmixerhttps://bitcoinmixer.hostLowEasyVery nice4.9⭐
Helixmixerhttps://helixlight.websiteVery LowVery EasyVery nice4.8⭐
Ultramixerhttps://ultramixer.siteVery LowEasyNice4.6⭐

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