Helixmixer – HOWTO

In this article we are going to teach you how to mix your beloved bitcoins in this old man. It must be noted that helixmixer has been developed by one of the best teams of developers specialized in bitcoin and that it has been awarded an infinite number of prizes over the last few years.

Step 1. Visit https://helixlight.website, fill in the field with the bitcoin address you want your clean bitcoins to arrive at, solve the captcha and click on “Let’s go!”

Step 2. Send your bitcoins to the address that appears on the screen and do not forget to copy the “Helix Verifying String” in case you have to claim something.


We forgot, please follow the warnings you have at the bottom of the page:
– Do not send more than one transaction.
– Do not send less than 0.005 Bitcoins.
– Do not send more than 43 Bitcoins.

Do not forget to review our table with the best rated tumblers:

NameURLFeeUser InterfaceSupportRate
Coinmixerhttps://coinmixer.appVery LowVery EasyGreat5⭐
Bitcoinmixerhttps://bitcoinmixer.cashLowEasyVery nice4.9⭐
Helixmixerhttps://helixlight.websiteVery LowVery EasyVery nice4.8⭐
Ultramixerhttps://mixerultra.comVery LowEasyNice4.6⭐


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