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Helix mixer in few words “is the easiest bitcoin mixing service ever”. A bunch of Grams ex-workers have done it again, one of the best bitcoin mixers ever. The defining feature is you don’t need an account. Helix cuts out all the options and gets you clean coins fast and simple. It is as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Submit the Bitcoin address you would like the bitcoins sent to after they are

  2. You have to send one transaction to Helix address you are given.

  3. Helix will send one transaction back to your return address with your clean coins, isn’t it simple? It is evolution and shared wallet compatible and is the fastest way to the original Helix mixer. It usually takes about 10 minutes after your sent transaction is confirmed.

They also made some changes to the inner working of helix. They raised the max amount per helix to 6 BTC and lowered the required confirmation needed to two. This will allow bigger Helixes faster.

I hope you all use new Helix to its full potential and stay safe out there.

Useful data:

Clearnet URL: https://helixlight.website
Fees: Random service fee 0.5 to 1.5 % + 0.0005 BTC per output
2FA Verification: NO
Return time: 10 minutes – 24 hours
Minimum Transaction: 0.001 BTC
Maximum Transaction: 63 BTC
Number of Deposit Addresses: 1
Number of Withdrawal Addresses: 5
Delay: Random – up to 30 minutes
Letter of Guarantee: NO
Step by step guide: NO

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