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All Bitcoins are supposed to be an anonymous currency. So, you may wonder why anyone would need such a service if one is using Bitcoins? Since Bitcoin blockchain is always in public domain and it is a public ledger happening across the blockchain it is easy to track a person from his/her Bitcoin address and any online identity, ip address or id associated with the person. So to maintain anonymity Bitcoin mixing services is utilized.

Bitcoin tumbling involves the usage of a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin address sending coins and the addresses receiving coins. So if a person does not wish the whole world to know from where he got his or her Bitcoins and to which addresses the Bitcoins are sent out to then tumbling is the way to go. A provider of Bitcoin tumbling service is referred to as Bitcoin mixer.

To get started with Bitcoin mixing one should launch the Tor browser. If it is not already installed then one can install it from here.

At the time of writing this post, there are a high number of Bitcoin Mixing Service Providers. I have made a few reviews of the best bitcoin mixing services nowadays. is an online platform that provides bitcoin tumbling services. If you are searching for the best bitcoin mixing service, you should look no further as CoinMixer is the place for you. So why do you need CoinMixer? It is clear that the way bitcoin currently works causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record and that is not good if you like your privacy. Furthermore, causing the transactions to be traceable along the Blockchain, that is from one bitcoin wallet address to another. Bitcoin tumbler breaks off the links between your previous address and a the new one. This is done by sending coins from you to others and coins from them to you.

In addition, the bitcoin mixing service randomizes transaction amounts and adds time delays to the transactions. Furthermore, it is safe to say that there is no link between the source and the final bitcoin address. As a result, your privacy is protected and also your online transactions cannot be traced. CoinMixer adds a high level of anonymity and makes all transactions and transfers of bitcoin anonymous. Users are NOT required at any one point to divulge their identities. Additionally, the site does not collect or store any log of the visitor activity.

CoinMixer offers a transparent policy, which allows you to verify if your bitcoins are properly anonymized. This process can be accomplished by checking output address in a block explorer. For example, which is the most popular method to buy and sell bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. You will also have access to a very intuitive interface that make the bitcoin mixing process pretty simple. The interesting bit is that the whole bitcoin anonymization process takes only a few minutes. CoinMixer prides itself on providing the most secure and easy to use online platform. Additional security is possible via letter of guarantee.

What makes this online platform trustworthy is the attributed to the following; it has a proven mixing algorithm, no user account required, and an encrypted connection. Other features also include real-time transaction processing, there is an automatic recovery system in place in case of a mixing failur, and finally, no logs collection.

Definitely, Coinmixer is a five stars bitcoin mixing service.

Useful data:

Clearnet URL:
Fees: Random service fee 0.5-1.5 % + 0.0005 BTC per output
2FA Verification: NO
Return time: Set own return time
Minimum Transaction: 0.001 BTC
Maximum Transaction: 45 BTC
Number of Deposit Addresses: 5
Number of Withdrawal Addresses: 10
Delay: Up to 120 hours
Letter of Guarantee: YES
Step by step guide: YES

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