Bitcoinmixer – HOWTO

In this article we are going to try to explain as easiest as we can how to mix your bitcoins with this easy to use bitcoin tumbler.

Step 1. Visit and click on “CLICK HERE TO START”


Step 2. Enter the address you want the Bitcoin forwarded to and set a time delay, we highly recommend to set a time delay and do not leave it at 0.

Step 3. Verify that your destination bitcoin address is the address prompted.



Step 4. Send your bitcoins to the bitcoin address offered:



And that’s all!

Do not forget to review our table with the best rated tumblers:

NameURLFeeUser InterfaceSupportRate
Coinmixerhttps://coinmixer.appVery LowVery EasyGreat5⭐
Bitcoinmixerhttps://bitcoinmixer.cxLowEasyVery nice4.9⭐
Helixmixerhttps://helixlight.websiteVery LowVery EasyVery nice4.8⭐
Ultramixerhttps://mixerultra.comVery LowEasyNice4.6⭐

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